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  15. ROASTED! AOC Says Gas Stoves Linked to Brain Damage, Twitter Jumps All Over It
  16. REVEALED: World Economic Forum Partner Behind Sudden Push to Ban Gas Stoves
  17. $54M in Chinese gifts donated to UPenn, home of Biden Center
  18. University that housed Biden center pressed to end FBI China spy probe after big Beijing donations | Just The News
  19. (20) Chuck Callesto auf Twitter: „BOMBSHELL REPORT: Documents reveal $800K Deal from Penn Biden Center to pay Joe Biden was NEGOTIATED IN PART BY HUNTER BIDEN and included an office for Hunter and Staff members to included current secretary of state Anthony Blinken..“ / Twitter
  20. Hunter Biden, China, classified documents: Mystery swirls around Penn Biden Center | Fox News
  21. Penn Biden Center is ‘dark money nightmare,’ patronage mill
  22. University That Funds Biden’s Think Tank And Hosts FactCheck.Org Has Contract With BioNTech, Gets Paid For Vaccine Sales And FDA Approvals – National File
  23. (24) Paul Sperry auf Twitter: „NEW: The managing partner of Penn Biden think tank in DC where Biden had highly classified documents stashed concerning Ukraine was none other than Biden’s Ukraine adviser Michael Carpenter, seen here sitting next to Schiff’s Ukraine impeachment whistleblower Eric Ciaramella …“ / Twitter
  24. Ambassador Michael R. Carpenter
  25. James Comer Demands Biden Disclose All Documents from Penn Biden Center
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  36. (21) Corvette SCIF Poso 🇺🇸 auf Twitter: „Holy Shlit – CNN is running cover for Biden and refusing to point out VP has no declass authority“ / Twitter
  37. (20) Benny Johnson auf Twitter: „Even CNN reporters are losing it on KJP after she tries GASLIGHTING Americans on the White House’s “transparency” on Biden’s STOLEN classified docs https://t.co/TOdedMivJj“ / Twitter
  38. (24) LibertyLeadershipandLies auf Twitter: „Hypocrisy on display (again) Trump legally takes documents protected under the Presidential Records Act, for a couple months… the Biden FBI raids his house and Left say Trump must be indicted, arrested, and unable to hold office. 1/2“ / Twitter
  39. Biden’s legal team found another batch of classified documents in search of second location | CNN Politics
  40. Medienberichte: Weitere Dokumente bei Biden gefunden – news.ORF.at
  41. Weißes Haus: Vertrauliche Regierungs-Dokumente bei Joe Biden zu Hause gefunden
  42. (20) The third set of classified docs were found in Biden’s freaking GARAGE – Twitter Suche / Twitter
  43. Weitere Geheimdokumente in Bidens Garage „neben seiner Corvette“ gefunden
  44. (20) The Post Millennial auf Twitter: „Peter Doocy: “Classified materials, next to your Corvette? What were you thinking?” Biden: “My Corvette is in a locked garage, okay?” https://t.co/d6tsZQWLYL“ / Twitter
  45. (24) Benny Johnson auf Twitter: „BREAKING: Footage of the classified state secrets in Joe Biden’s secure “locked” garage. “This is like Ft. Knox, Jack. Most secure election — I mean Garage — ya have ever seen. Come on man!” https://t.co/BPNUiPKV3u“ / Twitter
  46. GOP rages as Biden classified docs hidden until after midterms
  47. Trump and Edward Snowden Raise Interesting Question Regarding Timing of the Biden Classified Documents Scandal
  48. (20) Edward Snowden auf Twitter: „The real scandal isn’t that Biden had classified documents coming out of his socks, because sadly they’ve all been doing it. The scandal is that the DOJ found out about it a week prior to the midterm elections and chose to suppress the story, conferring a partisan advantage.“ / Twitter
  49. Pence Says DOJ’s ‘Double Standard’ Over Biden Classified Documents ‘Deeply Troubling’
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  51. Kash Patel: I Think They’re Going to Find Out Joe Biden Had “Many More Places Where Documents were Improperly Stored” (VIDEO)
  52. Congress must investigate Biden over classified documents: McCarthy – Insider Paper
  53. (20) Benny Johnson auf Twitter: „Speaker McCarthy on Biden’s stolen classified documents: “I think Congress has to investigate this.” https://t.co/KsQtUXLmEd“ / Twitter
  54. (24) Benny Johnson auf Twitter: „🚨BREAKING: Speaker McCarthy sends DC in utter PANIC after announcing he wants to release ALL FOOTAGE from January 6th https://t.co/XzkzU0VvM2“ / Twitter
  55. MUST READ: Journalist Reveals Senate Passed Secret Measure In December That Further Confirms Pelosi Was “Queen of the Mob” On January 6th
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  60. Who Is Merrick Garland’s Special Counsel Robert Hur? …He Partnered with Chris Wray at DC Law Firm and Later Was Rod Rosenstein’s Top Lieutenant
  61. (20) zerohedge auf Twitter: „Hur wanted to keep a raid on a Clinton Foundation whistleblower a secret in 2018 when he was a US Attorney https://t.co/vfnXkRZEQ4“ / Twitter
  62. (24) Paul Sperry auf Twitter: „NEW: Speculation growing on Hill that US Attorney David C. Weiss, the Delaware prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden, may have pressured the sudden “discovery” of Biden’s private, far-flung stash of classified White House materials“ / Twitter
  63. (20) Donald Trump Jr. auf Twitter: „Given his extensive ties to China, Russia, and Ukraine, did Hunter Biden have access to Joe Biden’s garage and therefore the classified documents?“ / Twitter
  64. (24) Miranda Devine auf Twitter: „In 2018 Hunter Biden claimed he owned the house where Joe Biden kept classified documents alongside his Corvette in the garage Via @jj_talking https://t.co/L7c80MRRiS“ / Twitter
  65. (24) Benny Johnson auf Twitter: „On Hunter Biden’s recent Delaware Driver’s license, his current residence is listed as “BARLEY MILL RD”— the SAME address where Joe Biden kept troves of stolen classified documents https://t.co/rIMqz0wUXw“ / Twitter
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  71. US-Repräsentantenhaus: Republikaner leiten Untersuchung gegen Joe Bidens Familie ein | ZEIT ONLINE
  72. (24) John Quent auf Twitter: „Donald J. Trump: “The 25th amendment is of zero risk to me but will come back to haunt Joe Biden. As the expression goes, “Be careful what you wish for!” https://t.co/jZWFQbUDDE“ / Twitter
  73. (20) G.Strand auf Twitter: „In case you forgot what Biden said about President Trump after the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago… This didn’t age well. https://t.co/GDqANkmeLy“ / Twitter
  74. “Versehentlich verlegt”: Biden-Team räumt in Dokumenten-Skandal Fehler ein – n-tv.de
  75. (24) il Donaldo Trumpo auf Twitter: „Biden’s “Documents” are a setup. An easy way out for him and the Democrats who know he can’t run again. IT’S ALL ABOUT TRYING TO PREVENT YOURS TRULY FROM RUNNING AGAIN!!! INVESTIGATE ALL THE BRIBES AND CORRUPTION ON THE LAPTOP!!! KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL!!!“ / Twitter
  76. Trump judges haven’t proven to be MAGA loyalists, court watchers say – Washington Times
  77. Fox News host suggests Joe Biden is hiding “Barack Obama’s real birth certificate” and using it for blackmail | Media Matters for America
  78. EXCLUSIVE: Attorney Believes Evidence Will Soon Be Released That Confirms FBI in 2016 Investigated Seth Rich’s Laptop, Knew He Supplied Emails to WikiLeaks and Knew Russia Collusion Was a LIE
  79. (21) 🚨 Ashley 🚨🗣️📢 PATRIOT FOR 🇺🇸 FREEDOM auf Twitter: „🚨🗣️📣 BOMBSHELL: New FOIA Documents Reveal the COVID Pandemic Was a DoD Operation Dating Back to #Obama “The Pentagon controlled the COVID-19 program from the very beginning and everything we were told was political theater to cover it up right down to the FDA vaccine approval” https://t.co/J2wvD4zplB“ / Twitter
  80. Biden Extends Covid Emergency as Omicron Subvariant XBB.1.5 Spreads
  81. LET’S GO: Former ESPN Employees Sue Company Over Vax Mandate
  82. FDA vaccine advisers ‘disappointed’ and ‘angry’ that early data about new Covid-19 booster shot wasn’t presented for review last year | CNN
  83. (20) Stefan Homburg auf Twitter: „US Impfbürokraten sind wütend, dass ihnen vor der Zulassungsentscheidung Daten vorenthalten wurden, denen zufolge die bivalenten Boosterstoffe Schrott sind und zu (noch) mehr Infektionen führen. Schlafschafe, das ist nicht Telegram, sondern CNN! https://t.co/nTLkMOiFu6“ / Twitter
  84. 7 Facts Fauci Knew But Hid From the Public • Children’s Health Defense
  85. Breaking: Landmark Lawsuit Slaps Legacy Media With Antitrust, First Amendment Claims for Censoring COVID-Related Content • Children’s Health Defense
  86. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft Join Together with Several Others In Antitrust Lawsuit Against Legacy Media for Efforts to Exclude Rivals From Internet Platforms
  87. I’m willing to bet anyone in the world $1M that the COVID vaccines have increased all-cause mortality in the US. Any takers?
  88. (20) Donald Trump Jr. auf Twitter: „BREAKING: Trump releases new statement slamming the FBI and other agencies for colluding with big tech to censor Americans and violating our first amendment rights. https://t.co/XsrcCrpg56“ / Twitter
  89. Trump hits back at Big Tech, calls for seven year ‘cooling off period’ for employees caught censoring free speech
  90. Elon Musk agrees Russiagate among ‘most deranged and unhinged conspiracy theories’ spread by mainstream media | Fox News
  91. (20) Matt Taibbi auf Twitter: „1.THREAD: Twitter Files #14 THE RUSSIAGATE LIES One: The Fake Tale of Russian Bots and the #ReleaseTheMemo Hashtag“ / Twitter
  92. 403 Forbidden
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  103. Microsoft plans to invest in OpenAI’s ChatGPT for a massive $10 billion infusion.
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  112. Secret WHO Negotiations for Pandemic Treaty Taking Place This Week – coreysdigs.com
  113. (20) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus auf Twitter: „3 years ago, the first SARS-CoV-2 sequence was shared. Today, sequencing remains vital. We urge all countries to keep testing & sharing sequences. We understand efforts won’t be as intense as before but we can’t beat this virus with our eyes closed. https://t.co/ESBZSWZWZh https://t.co/gI6TnQcAXS“ / Twitter
  114. Are COVID Boosters Behind Increase in Cancer Among Younger Adults? • Children’s Health Defense
  115. Zahl der Kinder, die nach der Zulassung des COVID-Impfstoffs durch die EMA in ganz Europa plötzlich gestorben sind, ist besorgniserregend – uncut-news.ch
  116. Kindergarten Student in Ohio Dies Suddenly
  117. 16,7 % mehr Schwangerschaftsabbrüche im 3. Quartal 2022 als im Vorjahresquartal – Statistisches Bundesamt
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  121. Tweet von Impfopfer geht viral: “Ich wünschte, ich wäre ein Verschwörungstheoretiker gewesen”
  122. Übersterblichkeit: Sterbefallzahlen im Dezember deutlich höher als vor der Pandemie – DER SPIEGEL
  123. Deutsche Sterbefallzahlen 2022: Lebenserwartung sackt nach 2021 ein zweites Mal ab
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  129. Trauer um Hermann-Josef Blanke
  130. Hutthurmer Bürgermeister Christian Grünberger ist gestorben
  131. Nachruf Reinhold Weiser: Gründer von Akotec Angermünde gestorben – Trauer um einen Visionär mit Bodenhaftung | MMH
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  141. (20) Victorius auf Twitter: „Genauso ist es. Augen zu und durch! Leider wird das bei vielen nicht funktionieren. #ploetzlichunderwartet #Corona #Impfnebenwirkungen #Impfschaeden #COVID19 #PfizerGate https://t.co/C5vd6Oqvyx“ / Twitter
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  184. Berlins Top-Verbrecherjäger wütet gegen Giffey: „Es herrscht Land unter“ – FOCUS online
  185. Korruptionsverdacht gegen SPD-Politikerin: Berliner Senat gibt keine Auskunft zum Kalayci-Fall
  186. Bei Sandra Maischberger: Franziska Giffey gibt Scheitern zu
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  188. Nächste Wahlpanne: Bezirke luden zu spät zu Wahlausschüssen, nur ein Drittel anwesend
  189. Zahlen zur Migration: 2022 wieder mehr Asylanträge
  190. Bilanz für 2022: Zahl der Asylanträge steigt um 27,9 Prozent | tagesschau.de
  191. Migration: Nur ein Bruchteil der Zuwanderer kommt zu Arbeitszwecken – WELT
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  195. Thomas D: Sagt “nein” zum Hass im Internet
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  197. 63-Jähriger sticht in Freiburg auf zwei Frauen ein – eine stirbt – FOCUS online
  198. Paris: Mehrere Verletzte bei Messerangriff am Bahnhof Gare du Nord
  199. Uranium was embedded in metal bars seized at Heathrow | UK security and counter-terrorism | The Guardian
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  202. What’s Going On? Canada’s Flight Entry System Hit with “Outage” After US and Philippines Airspace Shut Down in Last Week
  203. World Economic Forum warns of cyber insecurity in times of “epochal change” | Cybernews
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  206. Stromausfall legt Teile des Landeskriminalamts lahm
  207. Frankfurt: Brand in Wolkenkratzer gelöscht – Keine Verletzten
  208. 250.000 registrierte Kunden: Nächstes deutsches Bankunternehmen ist insolvent – CHIP
  209. Bafin schließt Mainzer Bank für Kundenverkehr
  210. WALL STREET WIPEOUT: Thousands of jobs cut on brutal day for finance – NewsBreak
  211. Blackrock: Weltgrößter Vermögensverwalter will 500 Mitarbeiter entlassen
  212. DOJ Seizes SBF’s $465 Million Robinhood Stake
  213. (20) Bitcoin Magazine auf Twitter: „JUST IN: Twitter to introduce its own virtual coin for in-app awards and tips. Elon should just use #Bitcoin RT if you agree 🙌 https://t.co/bDeIgcT0Mc“ / Twitter
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  222. FDIC Bankers Discuss ‘Bail-Ins’ To Deal With Impending Market Collapse
  223. President Biden slams ‘reckless bill’ from Republicans to reverse funding for the IRS and its 87,000 new hires — here’s how it could affect you
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  225. HISTORY IN THE MAKING: The State of New California Holds Its 10th Constitutional Convention
  226. Biden ‘adamantly opposes’ GOP bill to abolish IRS, eliminate income tax, says burden will fall on middle class | Fox News
  227. (21) Daily Wire auf Twitter: „The House: passes bills to 1) ensure medical care for children who survive abortion, and 2) stop the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents Biden: whispers “If any of these bills make it to my desk, I will veto them.” https://t.co/R3223vwec9“ / Twitter
  228. Fed verweigert Klima-Rettung
  229. UN confirms 2022 among eight hottest years on record – Insider Paper
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